Cristian Heinsen Planella

Executive Director, Fundación Altiplano, Arica, Chile

Cristian Heinsen is the founder and executive director of Fundación Altiplano, a non-profit organization based in Arica created to accompany Andean and rural communities in the need for heritage conservation and sustainable development. Cristian is also the co-creator and director of many projects for sustainable conservation in communities such as Restoration Plan of Andean Churches of Arica and Parinacota; Ruta de las Misiones-Saraña, Responsible Tourism Circuit ; Arica Nativa, Native Films Festival; Arica y Parinacota Cultural Landscape of America, a strategy of sustainable conservation; The Wine School of Codpa, sustainable conservation of an andean heritage wine; Sarañani!, The School of Sustainable Conservation; Author of the Model of Sustai nable Conservation in Community 'Because I fell in love with you'. He is the author of several publications and has hosted conferences related to conservation and sustainable development. Cristian holds a B.A. in literature from Universidad Católica de Chile as well as a master in creative documentary from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain and an MBA from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile.


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