Amareswar Galla

Chief Curator, Amaravathi Heritage Town, India; Executive Director, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, New Delhi, India

Amareswar Galla is chief curator at Amaravathi Heritage Town, the birthplace of Mahayana Buddhism, India, as well as founding executive director for the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum in Australia. He was the former vice president of International Executive Council of ICOM, Paris, and a former President of ICOM Asia Pacific Executive Board. He founded the inclusive museum movement two decades ago and chaired the drafting and adoption of the ICOM Cultural Diversity Charter in Shanghai in 2010. An alumnus of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, he was formerly full professor of museum studies, University of Queensland and prior to that full professor of sustainable heritage development, the Australian National University. He is an accredited facilitator of UNESCO for the 2003 Intangible Heritage Convention. His extensive publication record ranges from World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders, Cambridge University Press & UNESCO Publishing, 2012 (French and Korean translations 2013) to Heritage Curricula and Cultural Diversity, Prime Minister & Cabinet, Australia, 1993. He writes one of the most read Heritage Column in India entitled 'Heritage Matters'.


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