Chris Purifoy

Chief Architect and CEO, Learning Economy, USA

Chris Purifoy is the chief architect and CEO of Learning Economy in Washington D.C. He sits on the UN AI for SDGs council and the US Department of Education Blockchain council. Chris is fascinated with complex systems and has a passion for making them simple and intuitive. Chris is an author, an architect, and a storyteller, who believes most challenges require humanities solutions just as much as the technological. Big ambitious ideas do not scare him away, but rather, inspire him. He is a serial entrepreneur, with companies ranging from music to education and big data. He previously served on the C suite for a UN think tank, oversaw government contracts in data, security and interfacing, and early in his career, empowered some of the music industry's greatest artists to reach their full potential. He is a Fellow of Session 633, Education for Tomorrow's World, in 2019.


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