Sylvaine von Mende

Senior International Advisor for Pedagogy, Education Development Center, Canada

Sylvaine von Mende is currently the senior pedagogy advisor at the Education Development Center in Bamako. Sylvaine has over 40 years of experience as a bilingual teacher, teacher trainer and educator, focusing on early literacy, including eight years providing technical assistance, developing materials, and training in Mali, Guinea, and Madagascar. As pedagogical senior advisor, she developed an adapted version of Balanced Literacy for developing countries, gender-sensitive early-grade reading and writing materials and training content in a multi-lingual context. Additionally, she developed and oversaw scripted audio lessons in French and Bambara and together with the MEN, designed and revised the curricula for bilingual schools, including one-classroom schools and nomadic schools. She is currently the senior pedagogy advisor for SIRA, a USAID-funded Malian project designed to improve reading and writing in early grades using the national language as medium of instruction. She created an ambitious and innovative accelerated program for the project ERSA in Northern Mali, focused on reading, writing and numeracy, and with a strong component on culture of peace, socio-emotional well-being, a nurturing classroom and protection of children against violence and sexual abuse. Sylvaine has a master's degree in education and curriculum development from Simon Fraser University, Canada.


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