Samuel Rushworth

Co-Director, GCRF Global Engagement Network, UK

Sam Rushworth is an educational anthropologist, associate researcher at the University of East Anglia, and co-director of the GCRF network Building Cultures of Peace in Rwandan Schools, which engages researchers from the global north and south with policy makers and civil society actors towards a developing a holistic framework for defining and evaluating positive peace in schools. He is also currently consulting on livelihoods in conflict-affected parts of the Sahel. Sam is also the founder of African Dreams, a tourism-based social enterprise supporting youth employment, mental health support and youth-led charities in Rwanda. He is a former strategic director and currently a special advisor to the Aegis Trust. In this role, Sam authored the official Teacher Guidebook on incorporating SEL and critical thinking into teaching pedagogies, and has developed education and civil-society strengthening programs in Rwanda, Central African Republic, Kenya, South Sudan and Europe.


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