Webber Ndoro

Executive Director, ICCROM, Rome, Italy

Webber Ndoro has been executive director of ICCROM, Rome since 2018. Prior to joining ICCROM, Webber was the director of the African World Heritage Fund based in Johannesburg. He is also an associate professor at the University of Cape Town. He was project manager at ICCROM, Rome from 2000 to 2007 and worked on the Africa 2009 programme. Before then he worked at the University of Zimbabwe as a senior lecturer in heritage management and conservation. He has worked on several heritage management projects in Africa. He also worked at Great Zimbabwe as the site manager. His recent books and edited collections include 'Great Zimbabwe: Your Monument our Shrine' (2000, Uppsala UP), 'Cultural Heritage and the Law: Protecting Immovable Heritage in sub-Saharan Africa' (2009, ICCROM), 'The Archaeological heritage of Africa' (2014, Cambridge UP) and 'Managing Heritage in Africa: Who Cares?' (2017, Routledge). He has published several articles on heritage management.


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