Wulf Heinrich Daseking

Director of City Planning, City Planning Office, Freiburg

Wulf DASEKING has been the director of the city planning office in Freiburg, Germany, since 1984, and, for six years before that, held a similar role in M├╝llheim/Ruhr. In Freiburg, Mr. Daseking is responsible for urban development, land development, landscape planning, masterplan development and individual projects. He is a member of the Architects Council for Baden/W├╝rttemberg, an associate member of the German Federation of Architects, a member of the German Academy of Urban and Rural Development in Berlin, and a member of the Expert Committee on City Planning of the German Congress of Cities. Mr Daseking is also a lecturer on city planning at both Freiburg University and at the Technical University of Darmstadt. He is accompanied by his wife, Katharina DASEKING.

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