María Cortelezzi

National Director, Evaluation of Educational Quality; Secretary of Educational Evaluation, Ministry of Education, Argentina

María Ángela Cortelezzi is the national director of evaluation of educational quality at the Secretary of Educational Evaluation in the Ministry of Education in Argentina. She previously worked as executive director for Educar 2050, an NGO committed to influence educational policies by proposing improvements in educational quality. She also acted as evaluation director for Cimientos, another NGO which fosters inclusion for students in less favored areas. María has developed consultancies on educational projects for the World Bank and the Inter-American Dialogue in both Argentina and the region, her work having influenced policies which were later implemented. María has developed research and evaluation on educational programs looking for a wider implementation of socio-emotional skills. María holds a degree in sociology from the Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, and a master's in public policy from the Torcuato Di Tella University.


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