Nirmal Kandel

Technical Officer, Department of Country Health Emergency Preparedness and IHR, WHO, Switzerland

Nirmal Kandel is a technical officer from the Department of Country Health Emergency Preparedness and IHR at the WHO HQ. He is a technical lead for the development of the JEE tools, its process and training modules on the monitoring and evaluation. Nirmal conducts analyses for the department using the IHR monitoring and evaluation framework findings and other data sources. He has developed various metrics and indices to measure the preparedness and operational readiness capacities for the health security. He is also a technical lead of the development of the planning guidance and toolkit, and training modules for the national action plan for health security. Before WHO-HQ, he worked at WHO-Indonesia as a lead for the emergency program, disease surveillance, and the IHR implementation; at WHO - Nepal as a lead for the IHR implementation and pandemic preparedness, and at WHO-SEARO as a professional officer in the health situation and trend assessment. Before WHO, he has worked as a medical officer for the department of surgery in the medical college hospital in Nepal. He is a medical doctor and has obtained three master's degrees in anthropology, public health (epidemiology) and business administration. He is from Nepal and speaks six languages.


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