Jufang Zhang

Chief Executive Officer, Capacity Building and Assessment Centre, Beijing, China

As a senior facilitator, trainer, and expert of NGO capacity building and chief executive officer of the Capacity Building Assessment Centre (CBAC), Jufang Zhang has connections with a large variety of NGOs in China and has supported 100,000 of local and international NGOs to develop strategically. Jufang leads a very capable and vigorous team, which has conducted more than 800 strategic trainings and organizations' evaluations and assessments both in international and community levels. Her partners are from UNDP to small community based NGOs. During her 20 years of career development, she has gained experience in media, training, women's development, and organizational capacity building, with a deep passion to address the concerns of peer NGOs and the greater non-profit service sector. She has also represented Chinese NGOs at several international conferences and exchange programs to share her experience with friends and colleagues from other countries. Jufang is a returning Salzburg Global Fellow.


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