Ludwig Forrest

Philanthropy Advisor, King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium

Ludwig Forrest has been philanthropy advisor at the King Baudouin Foundation's Centre for Philanthropy for the past 19 years providing information, guidance, and tailor-made help on strategic philanthropy to private donors, families, businesses, and professional advisers who wish to engage in public benefit initiatives. Helping donors and beneficiaries to find effective solutions for philanthropic intentions, and fostering and simplifying the European cross-border giving environment by promoting the Transnational Giving Europe network are his main objectives. Ludwig is highly involved at the European Foundation Centre, and is an advocate at national and EU-level and publicist and speaker/moderator at international conferences. He also organized and coordinated the three editions of the Philanthropy Day in Brussels and the first edition of the Spring of Philanthropy in 2017 gathering more than 1,500 people from Belgium and Europe interested in philanthropy.

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