Chris Davenport

Owner, Poetry Still Matters, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Chris Davenport is currently the owner and operator of Poetry Still Matters. This company creates spontaneous custom poems and poetry books for individuals and events. This service blends creative writing with critical thinking. Each poem is unique to the individual that commissions the piece of art. A unique product of the company is the "Book With Words" service. Which grants Chris access to stories and memories family and friends have pertaining to a particular person. He composes as many poems as possible and then binds them together making a one of a kind book. Chris is also the inaugural poet laureate of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This position allows him space and access to resources that create writing workshops for school across the city. He also facilitates a poetry workshop, Love Yourself, in which poets of various skill sets challenge their self-conditionings and societal constructs.

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