Stefano Mori

Architect & Project Manager, Studio Anna Heringer, Salzburg, Austria

Stefano Mori is an architect and project manager based in Salzburg, Austria. After obtaining his master's degree in 2013 he moved to Salzburg and started collaborating with Studio Anna Heringer in Laufen, Germany, and Lehm Ton Erde-Martin Rauch in Vorarlberg, Austria. He has collaborated as project manager handling both design and construction of several buildings in Africa, Bangladesh, India, China, Germany, Austria and Italy. During his studies, he found himself very interested in the use of natural materials for construction. Since this moment he has been learning about earth architecture and been very often involved in social and humanitarian projects. Alongside his main profession, he has always cultivated a great interest for the newest fabrication technologies and been increasingly active on the maker movement scene. He believes, the key for a sustainable future can only be found in the synergism between high and low tech. He studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.


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