Christy Bieber

Anishinaabe Artist & Cultural Worker; Co-Director, The Aadizookaan, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Giizhigad (Christy Bieber) is an Anishinaabe artist and cultural worker rooted in Southwest Detroit. Giizhigad inspires through the art of storytelling in its infinite forms. Stories hold the true essence of people and act as the woven thread interconnecting humanity. She currently builds creatively and collaboratively with The Aadizookaan in the facets of music, dance, and mixed media design as a part of dynamic storytelling installations alchemizing the worlds we want to live in. These aadizookanan (Sacred stories) transcend time and space by being rooted in both traditional and contemporary indigenous based knowledge systems. Her creative practice extends to design/visual arts as well as photography and film. In addition to her creative practices, Christy is co-director with the Aadizookaan (ADZKN). She is a social entrepreneur helping to shape the Aadizookaan's work and practice. Specifically, this is happening through a land-based project in Southwest Detroit to create a headquarters for the work to sustain and continue to flourish with community through artistic and cultural exchange. She builds through organic collaboration, mentorship and facilitation within ADZKN, extending out all our relatives and interconnections on Turtle Island and around the world.


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