Tat Lam

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shanzhai City, Hong Kong SAR, China

Tat Lam founded Shanzhai City - a Hong Kong based social enterprise and start-up - after over a decade of work in urban, informal, and social developments throughout China. Before Shanzhai City, he directed a think tank to consult government and private sectors to solve social problems. Currently, Tat is directing value co-creating online-offline and onchain-offchain strategies in developing regions in the world. As a social anthropologist, he is very interested in researching technological adaptation toward grassroots community. This unique knowledge and insight of Tat set the foundation of Shanzhai City to provide solutions of data literacy construction, metrics automation, and decentralized technology implementation in poverty and developing regions. He is also a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, developing curriculum of urban innovation and entrepreneurship. Tat received his degrees from Columbia University in New York and UCL in London.

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