Vincent Faber

Executive Director, Trafigura Foundation, France

Vincent Faber is the executive director of Trafigura Foundation. A geophysicist engineer by background, Vincent started his career in the oil business. In the 90's, he gave a new orientation to his professional life and followed a humanitarian path, which took him to a countless number of countries, including some of the most dramatic war and conflict zones of the last decades. Since then, Vincent has occupied top executive positions with some of the world's leading NGOs and international organizations. Thanks to his dual corporate and NGO background, he believes that the alliance of the two worlds, taking the best of both, is one of the most powerful forces for social change. It is with this conviction, and with the expertise and values which have guided his international engagement, that Vincent built up the Trafigura Foundation in 2008, a corporate foundation he has been leading since then.

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