Ahmed Naguib

Activist, youth mobilizer, and former director of education and advising at AMIDEAST Egypt

Ahmed NAGUIB was a prominent mobilizer in the 2011 revolution and played a leading role in organizing those taking part in protests by forming committees on security, food and tent and blanket distribution, hygiene, political and media coordination which came to be known as "Trustees of the Revolution". In cooperation with other coalitions, he helped launch the Coordination Committee of the Masses, formed to mobilize public opinion and put pressure on the interim government and Supreme Military Council to ensure the fulfillment of the popular demands of the revolution. Mr. Naguib is the former advising and exchanges director for AMIDEAST in Cairo, where he directed and managed the EducationUSA Center, the ORASCOM Onsi Sawris and Ford Foundation International Fellowship Programs, and AMIDEAST's Study Abroad program in Cairo.


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