James Dukes

CEO, Unapologetic LLC, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

James Dukes, also known as IMAKEMADBEATS, is an artist/producer/engineer and founder of Unapologetic, a creative company. His professional career started at Quad Studios in Manhattan, working with music industry stars like Ludacris, Solange Knowles, & Busta Rhymes and eventually placing music with TV shows, commercials, and movies. After moving back to Memphis, IMAKEMADBEATS created Unapologetic, a company built on the idea of building boldly and unapologetically yourself in ways that inspired others to do the same. The organization includes a record label, video production company, event coordination, and clothing line. Unapologetic has provided music for TV commercials (DC Shoes, Jaguar, Samsung), sitcoms (NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.), and many other artists and organizations across the world. In 2017 James designed and launched the Unapologetic World App (available for iOS and Android devices), a hub for those interested in a deeper look into our music and visual endeavors. In 2019, Unapologetic launched the Unapologetic Youth Scholarship Program as a way to help youth learn and exercise their passions in music.

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