Victoria Jones

Executive Director, The CLTV, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Victoria Jones, a child of two naval officers, grew up on the move with one thing remaining consistent, Memphis. Jones' family ties in Memphis made the bluff city home. In 2015, with the encouragement of artists, activists, and stakeholders, Victoria got together a group of Black artists and founded The CLTV (Collective) in an effort to empower the community they were charged to serve. Passionate about Black folks, art, and empowerment, she created a space where the three would not only co-exist, but work together to shift the culture of Memphis towards positive growth and creativity. The CLTV is dedicated to providing a platform for African American artists. Through art-based programming for youth, emerging black artists, and art economy infrastructure, this Memphis non-profit works to bring opportunities of expression, hope, and economic growth to low income and historically marginalized individuals and communities. The CLTV creates original programming and also partners with legacy institutions in Memphis such as the Brooks Museum, Rhodes College and Urban Arts Commission to guide equity and inclusion initiatives. It's the belief of Victoria and The CLTV that by empowering both the artists and the communities they serve, Memphis will begin to experience the cultural shift it so truly deserves. She has committed her love and energy to making that belief a reality. Victoria graduated from Middle Tennessee State University where she studied history, African American studies, and English.


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