Minji Chun

Coordinator and Editor, TheArtro, Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul, Korea

Minji Chun is an arts writer, curator and translator based in Seoul. She is currently working as a coordinator/editor of TheArtro, a platform for international exchange and promotion of Korean contemporary art by the Ministry of Culture of Korea and Korea Arts Management Service. Her research and writing/curating projects were funded by several institutions, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of France and Japan and Korea, Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul National University Asia Center, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Her current research centers on post-colonialism of contemporary art in Asian countries and cultural mobility based on cross-cultural/cross-sectoral art networks. Minji graduated from Yonsei University as a valedictorian, double-majoring in French literature and digital arts. She earned her Master's degree in art management from Seoul National University. Minji was a Korea Foundation - Salzburg Global Seminar program intern at Salzburg Global Seminar in 2018.


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