Margreet van Doodewaard

Principal Strategist, Hivos, Netherlands

Margreet van Doodewaard is principal strategist at Hivos where she is deeply engaged with designing the future of this organization in a disruptive environment. With a background in business development, technology, and international development, her professional focus is on the future of organizations in general, especially in the face of major global trends that affect the North and the South. Margreet has over 20 years of international experience - in Europe, Africa, and Asia, building future proof initiatives and organizations such as the Zimbabwe Agriculture Development Trust and the Tanzania Media Fund. She has worked for private corporations such as Sara Lee; multilaterals such as the United Nations and with INGOs such as Hivos. She is passionate about people and the planet and thrives in an environment that is outward looking, dynamic, and future oriented. Margreet holds an MA in international business from HAN Business School in Arnhem, the Netherlands and a Bachelors of Education in English as a foreign language and in Dutch language and literature from Stichting Opleiding Leraren in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


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