Silvia Traunwieser

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Economy, University of Salzburg, Austria

Silvia Traunwieser is assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Economy at the University of Salzburg, where she specializes in education and research in business and economic ethics, medical ethics, and databases. She has a multi-disciplinary focus looking at specific topics (corporate social responsibility, whistleblowing, corruption, digitalization, etc.) from different angles such at law, ethics, economy, sociology, and psychology. As deputy chairperson of the legal studies curricular commission of the University of Salzburg, Silvia was responsible for the recognition of foreign degrees. During that time, she was a part of an intermingled and diverse team, having to fulfill the legal requirements in compliance with individual demands and needs of students, professors, and other institutions. The main focus of her current research is the four-level matrix of leadership and business ethics, regarding participation/power, responsibility, freedom/autonomy, and justice/fairness. She received her master's and doctorate in law from the University of Salzburg. She is a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar.


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