Lina Lim

Director of Impact Investing, Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation, Australia

Lina Lim is a director of impact investing and board of directors of the Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation (BPF) - a not for profit organization using blockchain technology and social impact investment to enable and accelerate humanitarian and social good projects worldwide. She is also managing director and co-founder of Tempus Adventus - a start-up advisory and consulting company that focuses on promoting and delivering distributed ledger technologies (DLT), blockchain, and emerging technologies in the financial market and services industry. Her projects specifically focus in the application of DLT and blockchain for emerging markets and developing countries, social impact, impact investing, fintech for financial inclusion, and empowering women leadership and involvement in financial services and technology. Lina has spent over 20 years working on business and technology projects in financial and capital markets. She holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering from Monash University in Caufield, Australia and has gained a Certificate in Global Management, Executive Education at INSEAD.


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