Heloisa Mesquita

Director, Diferente Consultoria, Brazil

Heloisa Mesquita works in education projects focused on social development. Her most relevant work is for the Municipal Secretary of Education of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working as a senior advisor, creating and implementing the Experimental Middle Schools Program of Rio de Janeiro. This strategic program aims to formulate a set of actions directed at improving the quality of education offered to 30,000 teenage students with a dynamic methodology. These middle schools are in different poor and violent districts of Rio de Janeiro city. In this program, trained teachers encourage students to develop a future life project, improving students' social and emotional skills. Historically, these middle schools did not have good results in Brazilian evaluations, but in the program's first year, all schools improved by 40 to 100%. Recently, she has overseen a social and emotional skills program for high school students.


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