Joanne McEachen

Global New Measures Director, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, USA

Joanne McEachen serves as the global new measures director for New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), co-founded and in partnership with Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn. She led the development a system of tools and measures for deep learning, which support educators and leaders at all levels of the system to assess and measure deep learning conditions, design and outcomes. The tools are currently in use in each of the seven countries involved in NPDL (Australia, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United States, Uruguay), and are providing participants with the language and capacity to both facilitate and measure deep learning in a wide range of systems and contexts globally. Joanne has expertise which spans every layer of the education system. She has been a teacher, principal, superintendent, a national and whole-system change leader in New Zealand and around the world. With firsthand experience addressing the issues faced by schools, districts and education departments, Joanne provides culturally relevant tools, processes, measures and thinking that effectively leverage digital technologies and deepen learning for every learner.


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