Ashima Suri

Operations Senior Manager, AVPN, India

Ashima Suri is the operations senior manager at AVPN. She has over 9 years of experience across the corporate and the development sector in diverse roles such as investor relations, business development, strategy, sustainability, and donor relations. In her last role, she was the resource development manager at Habitat for Humanity, Hong Kong, where she was responsible for developing and implementing effective fundraising strategies across multiple funding channels. Ashima also has experience across various community based organizations with a focus on education. She has worked at The Akanksha Foundation in Mumbai, an NGO committed to provide a high quality education to children from underserved communities. Ashima has an MBA from XLRI School of Business & Human Resources. She is passionate about photography and has studied at the London School of Photography, with a diverse portfolio across London, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


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