Itai Palti

Founder & Director, Hume, The Centre for Conscious Design, United Kingdom

Itai Palti is a practicing architect and researcher focusing on designing with the human experience in mind. He is director of Hume, a science informed architecture and urban design practice, backed by research at its Human Metrics Lab. In 2015, Itai founded the Conscious Cities movement, a new field of research and practice for building people-centered environments that are aware and responsive using data analysis, AI, technology, and behavioral science in design. A Fellow at The Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health (editing its inaugural journal), and at the Urban Design Forum, Itai also carries out thought leadership roles in bodies such as Harvard, Brookings Institution, and Urban Thinkscape. An alumnus of The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, Itai and has worked alongside the late visionary architect Jan Kaplicky at Future System on projects such as the Ferrari Museum in Modena. His writing has been featured internationally, including by The Guardian and The World Economic Forum. He is a Fellow of Session Session 595, Building Healthy, Equitable Communities: The Role of Inclusive Urban Development and Investment in 2018.


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