Dorian Mallia

Founder & Artistic Director, Moveo Dance Company, Floriana, Malta

Dorian Mallia is the founder and artistic director of Moveo Dance Company,a dance practitioner and scholar. He has performed at top international venues with companies including European Ballet, UK; RBR Dance Company in Verona, Italy; LaMov Compania de Danza, Spain; Paganini Dance Company, Rome; and Mavinkhoodance, Singapore; to mention a few. In 2008 he set up Move Dance Company, whose repertoire has been performed locally as well as internationally including Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Italy, Spain and USA. With Diane Portelli, Dorian won the Arts Council Malta Artist of the Year award in 2018. He attended the Johane Casabene Dance Conservatoire, Malta; Urdang Academy, London; and the Hungary State Academy. He graduated from Central School of Ballet, London, where he obtained a degree in professional dance and performance, and pursued a Masters degree in performing studies dance at the University of Malta.

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