Adam Crawley

Program Officer, Ending Pandemics, USA

Adam Crawley is a program officer at Ending Pandemics and in this role provides project oversight and technical support to the team and its partners. This includes data analysis, surveillance system design, and evidence base documentation for Ending Pandemics’ impact. Adam's work focuses on community-based and event-based surveillance and the development of outbreak "timeliness metrics". Prior to joining Ending Pandemics, Adam served as Interim Supervising Epidemiologist at the San Mateo County Health System in California and as a Senior Research Associate at the UC Berkeley Center for Infectious Diseases and Emergency Readiness. Adam holds M.P.H from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, with a concentration in Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology. He also holds a B.A. in International Politics from the University of Rhode Island.


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