Melinda Moore

Senior Physician Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation, U.S.A.

Melinda Moore is a senior physician policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. Her 40-year public health career includes 25 years in government (20 years at CDC; 5 years in the health minister's Office of Global Health Affairs); two years with Tulane University in Kinshasa, Zaire/DRC helping to establish the Zaire School of Public Health; and 13 years at RAND. Her principal career focus has been global public health, including pandemic preparedness, disease surveillance, primary care, child survival, and infectious disease control. She has worked in more than 40 countries. At RAND, she helped develop the U.S. National Health Security Strategy (including key elements of the Global Health Security Agenda) and has authored several papers relevant to global infectious disease control, including strategies to improve novel influenza surveillance and a tool to help identify countries most vulnerable to disease outbreaks. She earned her MD and MPH degrees from Harvard University.


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