Olga Jonas

Senior Fellow & Economic Adviser, Harvard Global Health Institute, U.S.A.

Olga Jonas has been a senior fellow and economic adviser at the Harvard Global Health Institute since January 2017. She focuses on research on pandemic and epidemic risks though understanding of links to economic development and the role of One Health approaches. Prior to this, Olga worked at the World Bank Group for 33 years in operational and economic policy assignments. These included preparing the World Bank's flagship report on antimicrobial resistance, coordinating responses to avian and pandemic flu threats, lead contributions to joint UN-World Bank monitoring of the responses, and presenting results to five ministerial conferences on the global response, which provided $4 billion to developing countries for One Health approaches to improve veterinary and human public-health systems. She also contributed a working paper on pandemic risk to the World Bank's flagship publication, the 2014 World Development Report. Earlier, she served as the lead economist for replenishments of the World Bank's concessional fund (IDA) for the world's 78 poorest countries, the World Bank/Commonwealth task force on small states, coordination of the response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster, revision of the emergency response policy, extractive industries review, and macroeconomic operational work with francophone countries in West Africa. Before joining the World Bank's Young Professionals Program in 1983, Olga held positions at Princeton University, the Bank for International Settlements, and OECD. She was educated at Williams College and Princeton.


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