Lucas Koski

Asset Manager, Artspace Projects, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Lucas Koski is an asset manager for Artspace Projects, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he oversees a portfolio of projects in Texas, Colorado and the Twin Cities, focusing on the management of each of these unique assets as it relates to their financial, physical and community health. He is a chef, a sculptor, a producer, a filmmaker and a father - and combines these all together as an artist. Lucas is currently on the board of the Creative Enterprise Zone in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Before coming to Artspace, he worked as a venue director for Bedlam Theatre, where he helped create earned revenue for the non-profit theatre company through an immersive food and drink program, along with a community based booking model, and a policy that a theatre should be a hub for the community all times and days of the week. Before that, Lucas worked for Conde Nast as a pop-up store producer in New York City. He is a proud graduate of Carleton College, Minnesota.


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