Yara Issa

Lebanon American University, Lebanon

Yara Issa is a year-two undergraduate majoring in communication and minoring in public relations and advertisement at the Lebanese American University. She is adventurous and a dreamer, always choosing to try new things and meet new people and cultures, which defines her passion in her major. She is pursuing her dream of becoming a speech therapist for children, which is a field that is rarely found in the country she comes from, Lebanon. Yara is very helpful and great at teamwork and working in groups. She won a Miss Friendly Award, showing how sociable she is; she loves getting to know new people, which is a big part that encouraged her to attend the Salzburg Academy and leaving her country and family for three weeks. Yara is attached to her family and looks to become a mixture of her parent's strength and wisdom. Yara tries to attend as many conferences and academies as she can, because she believes that no one is ever educated enough and people should never be satisfied with their present success and information.

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