Kinda Zoghby

Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Kinda El Zoghby is a Lebanese citizen who has been living in Beirut for the last two years. She is a university student working towards becoming a Journalist and expected to graduate fall 2019 from the Lebanese American University of Beirut. She expects travelling to Salzburg this summer to be a very interesting experience, especially since she loves traveling and exploring new countries with her friends. She has spent many hours in the Journalism Lab observing journalism students and doctors working, to give her a better idea of what she could be looking forward in the future. Kinda participates in many activities. She played piano for 10 years and participated in acting activities - she played the role of Oscar in "Oscar Et La Dame Rose," a French-language play. Kinda is very hardworking and strict while working to achieve my goals. She doesn't let anything disturb me while working, and always knows what is important for her so she doesn't give up easily. Kinda hopes to one day be a successful journalist or TV presenter, which has been her dream since childhood.

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