Rana Tabbara

Lebanese American University, Lebanon

Rana Tabbara is a student perusing her B.A in Multimedia Journalism at the Lebanese American University. In her first year, Rana worked as a researcher for 5 months in a well-known T.V station in Lebanon (MTV). After that, she landed an Internship in a Radio station (Radio Liban), where she continues to host and produce her own show after a year. Rana also participated in many journalsim workshops, from Al-Fanar workshop about covering researches, to ARIJ's workshop for combating fake news in the Arab world, and Bellingcats online verification workshop. Moreover, Rana worked as a PR communicator and a digital assistant in the Media Digital Literacy in Beirut, and as a social media executive in MEDLEB's conference. She also covers events for LAU communication art's magazine. Worthy to mention is that Rana is an honor student in her major, and one of the most active students.

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