Vinod Diwakar

Regional Medical Director for London, NHS England; Practising Paediatrician

Vin Diwakar is regional medical director and chief clinical information officer for London in NHS England and NHS Improvement and a practising paediatrician. Vin provides clinical leadership to the city's health system focussing on delivering the NHS's national and

regional strategies for urgent, integrated and emergency care, specialised services, primary care networks, digitally enabled care, prevention and reducing inequalities, medicines optimisation and improving cancer outcomes. He was one of a team which produced the plans for prevention and reducing health inequalities for the NHS in England's 10-year plan, which will guide the UK government's investment of £20bn in

the NHS over the next 5 years. He has long standing interests in health policy, clinical leadership, quality improvement, reducing unwarranted clinical variation, large scale change and integrated care.



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