Jin Su Park

Consultant, Eco&Partners, Republic of Korea

Jinsu Park is a climate change consultant at Eco & Partners and a committee member of the 2050 low carbon society vision forum launched by the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea. He participates in research projects that can motivate and engage the private sector through carbon trading system climate change policies. He was a program intern at Salzburg Global Seminar in 2018. He assisted program staff in the preparation and implementation of sessions by researching potential participants and providing administrative support. He has also worked as a research intern at the SEE Foundation, a Beijing- based environmental organization. During this time, he helped undertake desertification research for a month in the Gobi Desert. In 2017, he was inspired to launch the first climate change podcast in the Republic of Korea, called The Men Responding to Climate Change. From 2014 to 2017, he also worked as an environment journalist for Cross-Reading, a non-profit online magazine. In March 2014, he conducted a desertification prevention project in the Kubuqi Desert with Future Forest, an NGO based in the Republic of Korea. He is a young fellow of Asan Academy, having graduated in 2016, and holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea.




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