Cath Prisk

Global Partnerships Director, Project Dirt, UK

Cath Prisk is the global partnerships director for Project Dirt, UK. In this position, she works in partnership with Dirt is Good (Unilever) to head the global campaign Outdoor Classroom Day, an event that engaged over two million children worldwide in 2017. Cath is also the founder and director of Outdoor People, a Hackney-based shop, consultancy, research organization, and NGO that aims to help get children outdoors at home, at school, and for adventures. Cath has previously worked as a primary school teacher, and as the deputy head of the Early Years Centre, a role in which she led on policy and programs across various education and children's NGOs. She has additionally served as the director of Play England, and has an M.A. in research methods and a PGCE.


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