Miguel Lores

Mayor of Pontevedra, Spain

Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores has been mayor of Pontevedra, Spain since 1999. A doctor by training, he practiced at the Hospital Provincial de Pontevedra. He was later appointed a doctor at Mosteiro in Pol, Lugo where he spent three years. He was elected councillor of Pontevedra in 1987 as sole representative of the Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG). His policies have included getting rid of cars from the city of Pontevedra- since he entered office, motor traffic in Pontevedra's historical centre has been reduced by 97 percent. This policy has improved air quality as carbon dioxide emissions have been dramatically reduced and furthermore, the city has not suffered a single traffic fatality since 2011. Miguel obtained a bachelor's degree in Pontevedra and became a doctor at the University of Compostela.


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