Maria Auma

Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Luxury Investments (BLI), Uganda

Maria Auma is founder and managing partner of Blue Luxury Investments (BLI), an investment management company that provides finance and capacity building services to African businesses. Maria is a young entrepreneur who started her business in 2014 and has since worked closely with African entrepreneurs and private investors in developing strategy, business plans, and fundraising. She has more than five years of experience in project management and coordination as well as experience in real estate financing solutions, trade importation, and distribution and investment management of funds. Maria is passionate about working with businesses in Africa to build sustainability and improve livelihoods of communities and she desires to inspire women who are thinking of venturing into business or who are simply looking for the strength to persevere in their business. She currently lives in Kampala, Uganda and enjoys learning about investments, interacting with businesses and investors, and finding suitable matches for businesses.


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