Joanna Nurse

Strategic Advisor, InterAction Council, UK

Joanna "Jo" Nurse is a strategic advisor to the InterAction Council. In this position, she is advancing a collaborative partnership on 'One Health for People and Planet.' This builds upon her former role as head of health and education for the Commonwealth, providing strategic leadership to ministers across fifty-two countries and strengthening national systems and capacity for the education and health sectors to enhance security and sustainable development. From 2005 to 2014, Joanna worked for the UK government, and during this time, a national lead for Public Mental Health and Well-Being, developed multi-sector policies across the life-course, to promote wider well-being. From 2010, Joanna worked for the World Health Organization, strengthening capacity on national climate change assessments and strategies in Central Asia; this built upon her earlier national responsibility for heatwave and cold weather planning. Joanna then led on the implementation of the European Action Plan for Public Health, creating partnerships to strengthen public health systems across fifty-three countries; this was further developed into the World Federation of Public Health Associations 'Charter for the Public's Health' and Implementation tool. Across her career, Joanna has gained community-based experience working in India, Mexico, Central America, and Europe, and in 2003 worked with the WHO in Geneva on gender and violence prevention. Initially qualifying as a medical doctor and training in primary health care, Joanna later specialized in public health and received a Ph.D. in policy, and is now a visiting professor in planetary health at Southampton University

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