Hiroi Ariyama

Co-Founder, Assistant Architecture Firm, Japan

Hiroi Ariyama is co-founder of ASSISTANT in Tokyo, operating and managing all architectural projects. He is also involved in all projects expanding "what architecture needs to be." Hiroi founded ASSISTANT together with Megumi Matsubara and Motohiro Sunouchi in 2002, while they were students at the University of Tokyo. Between 2004-2005 he received a Pola Art Foundation Grant and practiced as an assistant architect in London. Currently he also offers technical support to various spatial projects led by Megumi Matsubara. Their built projects together include "It Is a Garden" (2016) in Nagano and "House of 33 Years" (2013) in Nara which was selected for SD Review 2010. Hiroi holds a master's degree in architecture from the University of Tokyo.


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