Neil Coleman

Mentor OPAL Midlands, Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL), UK

Neil Coleman has been a mentor for Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL), a not-for-profit community interest company, since the beginning of 2013. In this role Neil trains, challenges, and supports school staff in improving the quality of their playtime provision, covering issues such as policy and planning, knowledge and skills, communication with parents and the wider community, safety, design, resourcing, and team management. Neil was until recently a board trustee for Play England, having previously worked for them as a project officer during the UK government's £235m PlayBuilder program. During this time Neil represented Play England on both the UK Play Design Forum (as Chair) and the UK Play Safety Forum. Neil became aware of the need for children to have better play provision within schools and in public spaces during his many years as a parks and open spaces officer with a large local authority near London.




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