Eiichi Tosaki

Artist, Art Historian, and Philosopher, Melbourne, Australia

Eiichi Tosaki is a Melbourne based artist, art historian, and philosopher, originally from Osaka, Japan. Over a period of thirty years he has developed a system of Bimanual Coordination Drawing (BCD). His book Mondrian's Philosophy of Visual Rhythm - Phenomenology, Wittgenstein, and Eastern thought was published by Springer in 2017. He has lectured widely on art history, art theory, philosophy, religion, animation, Japanese culture, and fine art. Eiichi has published internationally on art history, philosophy, and Japanese culture, exhibited and collaborated broadly with artists, musicians, and computer programmers including Tokyo Wondersite, Fukushima Biennale, and Scienceworks. He has worked for Dentsu Inc. (advertisement) and Senseway Inc. (IOT) as a philosopher, investigating the area of "creativity" with AI and computer programs. Eiichi earned a Ph.D. in art theory from Melbourne University in 2002 and in art practice from Monash University in 2016.