Margaret Lamar

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Children and Nature, USA

Margaret Lamar is the vice president of strategic initiatives for the Children & Nature Network (C&NN). She works in cities to promote policies and programs that support urban children experiencing nature in their everyday lives. Through her work with C&NN, her focus on equitable access to nature seeks to improve educational performance, mental health, and active outdoor physical activity for children and families. She directs US and international C&NN initiatives that create scalable systems change: Cities Connecting Children to Nature, a partnership with the National League of Cities; Green Schoolyards for Healthy Communities, inspiring nature-rich school grounds in low-income communities; and Natural Leaders and Natural Families, training youth, families, and community organizations in leadership skills to increase outdoor engagement. She lives in San Antonio, Texas where you can most often find her and her two boys on the banks of rivers or walking through dry creek beds.


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