Grace Akello

Senior Lecturer, Gulu University, Faculty of Medicine, Gulu, Uganda

Grace Akello is an associate professor and coordinator of a pioneer master's program for medical anthropology at Gulu University, Uganda. Grace is a medical anthropologist trained in The Netherlands. Her research interests include how people living in a context of complex emergencies and HIV AIDS identify, prioritize and manage their health complaints. In particular, she is interested in using qualitative research findings to design major surveys, gendered research and analyses with the aim of linking evidence to policy making and project design. Some of her publications include the reintegration of ex-combatants, inter-subjectivity in research, silencing distressed children as a coping mechanism for wartime and HIV/AIDS-related distress. Her doctoral thesis 'Wartime Children's Suffering and Quests for Therapy in Northern Uganda' was awarded a Ph.D.-premium by the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research in the academic year 2008-2009.


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