Hasnaa Benlafkih

Computational Designer, Design by Data, Ecole des Ponts, Paris, France

Hasnaa Benlafkih is a computational designer currently pursuing the advanced masters design by data at ENPC, France, where she is investigating the integration of digital and analogue form-finding strategies for the fabrication of objects with an embedded capability for transformation. Her interdisciplinary background led to a variety of work experiences including at a public-private advocacy organization that revitalized an abandoned piece of urban infrastructure turning it into one of New York City's landmarks, at an architecture firm researching iconic contemporary architecture's reliance on media, at an art gallery focusing on artists exploring geopolitical issues, and at a foundation dedicated to bio-cultural conservation through participatory and ethnographic approaches. Hasnaa has unshakable faith in design's ability to make a difference in our world; from improving the mundane to tackling wicked problems. She holds a bachelor's from Oberlin College, USA, where she studied modern architecture history and theory, environmental studies, and the visual arts.


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