Zhouying Jin

Director, Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China

Zhouying Jin is a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing where she is director of the Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies. Her major fields of research include soft technology, new paradigms of technology, future study, long-term strategy management, and sustainable development. She is president of Beijing Academy of Soft Technology, Chair of China Chapter of World Future Society, and Chair of the China Node of the Millennium Project. Zhouying was a researcher at the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Research Institute of a National Defense Science and Technology, deputy chief engineer of Changchun Electric Industrial Administration, and vice secretary-general at the China Enterprise Directors Association. She was also appointed by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the team leader of strategy research for the S863 Plan (high-tech research and development plan for 2001-2010) of China. She is the author of Global Technological Change: From Hard Technology to Soft Technology and What Kind of the Future does Humanity Need-Global Civilization and China's Rejuvenation. Zhouying graduated from the Chinese University of Science and Technology in Hefei.