Benjamin Julian

Artist, Co-Founder, Conceptual Art Technologies LLC, California, United States

Benjamin Julian is head of industrial design at Nuro Robotics in Mountain View, California, focusing on crafting autonomous vehicle hardware. Benjamin has accepted requests from both startups and private design companies in need of his consulting expertise in product development, digital design, product visualizations, and his overseas and San Francisco based prototyping capabilities. General Motors Design recruited Benjamin as a creative modeler at their North American design headquarters for their 2001 Design Internship and he was selected as an Alfred U. International Internship recipient and took the opportunity to travel to China to work for Asianera Design Ltd. In 2002 Benjamin was recruited as a full time prototype modeler by GM Design, where he quickly learned the digital side of creating complex surface models. After almost 10 years in Detroit, he experienced the birth of such groundbreaking vehicles as the Chevy Volt and GM's PUMA's (two-wheeled Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) for cities in developing countries. Benjamin was hired by Palm Inc., the WebOS startup that was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2010 and launched the HP Touchpad the following year. Benjamin enjoyed the exposure to the mobile consumer electronics industry as a digital surface engineer in Palm's intimate industrial design studio. He graduated with an art and design degree with a concentration in robotic sculpture from Alfred University, New York.