David Wright

Senior Research Fellow, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology; Text-Tube Futures Studio; f3 Futures Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia

David Wright is senior research fellow at Queensland University of Technology's Creative Industries Faculty in Brisbane since 2013. Since 2004, David's academic research has focused on foresight communication, combining futures studies concepts and methodologies to various aspects of transmedia, and application to various futures issues. He also conducts futuring workshops across a range of fields including public assets management and climate change, aging issues, the futures of Brisbane as a creative city, and the role of new media in creating preferred futures. His current focus is on combining futures with transmedia arts. Projects currently underway include f3, a futures film and transmedia event; 2525, a futurementary dedicated to the Zager and Evans hit song; and D5-FAZ, flash futures fictions based on 20 years in Japan, amongst other disruptive futures-meets-arts projects. Futures/media related theories developed by David include: Communications Value Ecology framework (CoVE), Digitally Enabled Futures Images (DEFI); and foresensing theory. He is a frequent public speaker and recently nominated fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation. Previously, he was associate professor in the Department of Media Architecture at Future University Hakodate and the Department of Media Design at Sapporo City University in Japan. David holds higher qualifications in Japanology, communications, media production and futures studies. He is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology's School of Communication, Faculty of Business and earned his Ph.D. from the Creative Industries Faculty.